So, last week I promised you some pictures, and here they are. These aren’t the best pictures, because I’m not the world’s greatest photographer, and because I took them in a hurry last night before it started raining with little T in my arms and dinner on the stove.

So, this is the front of our house. It’s an old farmhouse, as I said. It was mostly built in the 1940s. I say “mostly” because the original owners built it in three stages, the last of which was the laundry room (on the far left). They finished the latter near the end of the 1950s. The homestead was 40 acres back then. The farmer who built it passed it down to his son, and we bought it from him. It had never been on the market before. It needs a bit of work, as you can see. Please ignore the couch on the front porch. A friend of Kelly’s mom just gave us a really nice new couch, and we haven’t been able to get rid of the old one yet.


Here’s a view looking towards the garage, with one of our vehicles in the foreground. As to why we’re not parking in the garage, well…not only have we not organized our stuff yet (after a mere six months!) but let’s just say getting a 1200 square foot garage/workshop is a lot like buying a truck.

The garage/workshop

The garage desperately needs to be pressure-washed. That’s on the list for this spring.

Here’s the fenced backyard for the dogs. The view beyond is our “field”, where the food forest and primary gardens will be. The orange flags mark the current and future locations of berry bushes and fruit trees. We’ve already planted three grape vines, four blueberry bushes, and two pears. More are arriving next week, and we hope to plant the rest in the fall.

3-6-14 003

3-6-14 004

The next pictures I publish will be much better -promise!

Up next: Moving with a baby…and other signs of insanity.


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