A St. Patrick’s Day Farm Update

St. Patrick’s Day is a big deal to me and my family. I’m Irish. Very, very Irish.

I’m so Irish we deliberately held my father’s funeral on St. Patrick’s Day. That’s not a bad joke; it’s the solid truth. This morning is similar to that one from so long ago -it’s a gray day with fog rolling over the fields and the chill of winter in the air. The mockingbirds call from the hedge, unwilling to leave the warmth and safety of their nests. It’s strange how two days so far apart -more than half my life! -can be so similar.

Now that I’ve depressed the two people who read this blog (sorry), I’m going to post a short update on the farm’s progress. All of the plants we’re going to start from seed for transplanting are or will be started by tomorrow; we’ll start the transplanting around the 15th of April, depending on the weather. A short list of our transplants include: tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and a bunch of herbs. Our seed potatoes just came in and will be planted later this week.

I’m going to be tilling and preparing the garden beds on Thursday or Friday. We generally believe in no-till gardening, but tilling is the easiest way to start a new garden when you have to get rid of lots of sod. By this weekend, or Monday at the latest, I will have direct sown a bunch of early spring crops: peas, swiss chard, and so forth. I’m planting them late, but hopefully we’ll still have time to get a crop in.

Both pawpaws, both elderberries, all the blueberries, and one of the grape vines already have growth tips or swelling buds. Between the rain yesterday and the fog today, I haven’t been able to get any good pictures, but the sun is supposed to be back tomorrow.

And best of all -We should get our grower’s permit this week, maybe even today!


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