Weekly Farm Update 4-6-14

I know this post is a couple of days late, but things have been really crazy around here. Now that spring has finally arrived I seem to be getting exponentially busier. I promise I’ll keep posting no matter now busy I get!

The weekends are the busiest time for me, because Kelly works all day on Saturday and Sunday and I’m home by myself with baby T. She’s slowly growing into a toddler and does a great job of wearing me out even when I don’t have other things to do!

Here’s what happened on the farming side of things this week:

The cover crop is in!

Not only is all of it in, but the first sprouts are up. Check it out.


The weather has been perfect; not too hot, not too cold, and just enough rain to coax seeds to sprout.

All the starts have been moved outside during the daytime.

All are doing well, except the dill and cilantro. We lost all of the dill and most of the cilantro to some sort of fungal illness. It happened too late to be damping off. I’m at a lot to explain it. I’ll direct seed some of each this week and see if they take right in the garden. If not, I’ll be calling the seed company.

We rehabilitated and inaugurated our firepit.

The firepit was filled with trash and weeds when we moved it. This week we cleaned it out and had some friends over for a bonfire and some s’mores. I didn’t get any pictures of the fire itself, as the smoke and record levels of pollen in the air sent me inside for my inhaler within a few minutes, but here’s a picture of the firepit the next morning.


I got a big surprise.

Last fall a friend gave me a cherry tree. It appeared dead. I’m usually pretty good at telling the difference between living and dead trees. It’s easy enough to tell if a tree is alive, but making sure it’s dead is another thing. To misquote Miracle Max, tree can be dead but not all the way dead. Anyway, I put it in a pot for the winter because why not? It only cost some potting soil. Sometimes trees surprise you. This one did. Look what I found when I checked my pots this week:

cherry tree

Hello! It looks like I may have to redo the orchard plan.

I attended the orientation meeting for our market.

We got into a farmer’s market for the summer! We’ll only be there once a month, but it’s a start. We have an assigned space and everything.

Here’s what’s on the agenda for next week:

-Start that blasted fence. I’ve got most of the materials now. I just need to get to work.

-Get all of the herbs transplanted and/or sown.

-Plant the edamame and the cool/warm weather greens like swiss chard.



2 responses to “Weekly Farm Update 4-6-14”

  1. impp11505 says :

    Did you guys build your firepit? I’m thinking of building one in our backyard soon

    • laughingbirdfarm says :

      No, the previous owner built it. It had gotten all grown up before we moved in. Building one is super easy thought -all you really need is some bricks or concrete blocks. You can either mortar them together or dry stack them. Ours is dry stacked.

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