The Living Room Now

After the unexpected interruption, we now resume your regularly scheduled programming. Posting may still be a little light over the next few weeks, as we still have our young visitor and life has effectively been turned upside down.

I love our house more than I can say. I wouldn’t trade it for a brand new house with all the most modern upgrades. It does need a little work, however, and I’m going to do a series of posts describing the current state of the house and what needs to be done. I’ll also do after posts for each project.

The living room is in pretty good shape. The walls and trim need a coat of paint. We also need to add baseboards on the bottom trim. We plan to use 1/4 inch round pieces to give the trim that “chunky” look.


We also need to replace one more of the room’s three windows and add insulation to the walls. The hearth and fireplace need to be painted and fixed, and Mr. Heater here has to go. He deserves a post all his own and will get it soon.


None of these will be overly large projects. The room’s big project will be the ceiling. Check out this flashback to 1985.


Removing a popcorn ceiling isn’t difficult. It’s just a lot of tedious work. Tedious? I meant fun. Yes, it’s a lot of fun. Maybe if I say it enough times I’ll actually start believing it.


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