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Moving with a baby (and other signs you might be crazy)

We realized even before T was born that we needed to sell our land in Tennessee and buy something much closer. Either that, or put off our homesteading plans for several years. We didn’t want to do that, so we put our land up for sale in late April of last year. Luckily for us, it sold really quickly, and we closed on it just before T’s birth.

In the meantime, we began searching for a place down here. We knew it was possible to find a place that met our requirements, as we’d seen several properties come up for sale already. It took longer than we expected, and not only did we not have a contract on a place before T joined our family, but she was six weeks old when we signed the contract for our house.

Moving with a baby is never easy. Moving with a newborn is even worse. Not only were we dealing with the sleep deprivation and other adjustments that come from having a baby, we were trying to pack to move out of our rental and to figure out how to do the repairs and renovations that had to be done before we could move in.

We closed on our house on a Wednesday. The following Monday I ended up in the hospital with my thyroid acting up. It had been giving me problems for some time but we didn’t know it. All the symptoms had been written off as stress or sleep deprivation. Instead, I had a toxic multinodular goiter that almost caused a thyroid storm.

So, I was out of the picture as far as moving or renovating was concerned, at least for a while. I ended up staying home for two weeks on a complicated cocktail of drugs trying to recover and get my thyroid under control.

If you’re keeping track, not only did we just have a baby and buy a house, but I had gotten deathly ill. And the house wasn’t fit to move into.

Kelly’s mom took care of the baby while she and her dad started on the house. First, they painted the dining room and two of the three bedrooms. Those rooms were bad enough that they had to be done before moving in. We decided the rest of the house could wait.

Next, they pulled out the awful carpets. Carpets are a no-no in a house with someone who has asthma (me) and animals. The original hardwoods were there, but they were in horrid shape. Check out the picture below.

hardwoods before

We had expected they would need refinishing, but this was something else again. Kelly and her dad went at it, and four days later the floors looked like this:

hardwoods after

After that backbreaking job, they put up the fence in the backyard. And then we were out of time. Our lease had ended and we needed to get out of the rental, so we hired a moving truck, called in our friends and family to help, and moved. It only took three trips with both the rental truck and our pickup. It’s surprising how much stuff people can acquire.

Now we’re here and settled, and things are going much better.  But yes –we’re probably crazy!